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6" Ball Shells sitting to dry.

This Wiki devoted to fireworks enthusiasts of making fireworks and other pyro related topics. This wiki will give details on several different compositions, techniques, effects, materials, chemicals, and much more. Enjoy the information, data, tutorials and vast amounts of information available.

This is a recreation of the discontinued website Due to popular request the wiki has been resurrected here on PyroSource.  Forum boards and such are still to come but until then myself as well as many fellow pyros use please feel free to stop by for more information. Also feel free to leave a post on the forums or contact my self (CrossOut) if you run into any issues with this wiki.

I am currently trying to make this site more appealing so if you have any experience with wikia PhP please contact me so we can jazz this wiki up a little bit.  Until then I'm using the old but working style of navigation. 

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There are several different categories which you can browse to expand your knowledge in the field of pyro.. simply click the topic which you wish to explore and you will literally be blasted with hundreds of subjects. (better browsing format coming soon *hopefully*)

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Knowledge is power! Lets share some knowledge shall we?

Feel free to add any content of your own!!!  this is a wiki so if you find you have any information that isn't on these boards feel free to make a new page! Whether it be a tutorial, information page, or a quick edit to an existing page your input is valued! This is a public wiki so please share the knowledge!

Recent Changes

I've been working hard to add all of the original content.. please be patient as different categories are filled up.

6/10/2012 - Wiki was created

6/11/2012 - Wiki has been updated with all of the chemicals in the list feel free to brows them and learn about their uses in pyro.

             - Finished adding all indexes to main categories.

             - Wiki updated with Articles section. Check it out and read a few! More content to come! Feel free to post more! 

             - Added forums to the wiki, feel free to explore then and post!


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