Potassium perchlorateEdit

150px-Potassium perchlorate

Formula: KClO4Edit

Description: Potassium perchlorate is a very common oxidizer in pyrotechnics. Composition based on perchlorates tend to be less sensitive than those based on chlorates, and perchlorates can be used with sulfur  and sulfides. For these reasons potassium perchlorate is much preferred above chlorates. Drawback is its slightly higher price.

Hazards: Potassium perchlorate is toxic, and breathing protection should be worn when handling fine powder, Potassium Perchlorate can be absorbed through the skin!!!!.

Sources: Potassium perchlorate can be prepared at home. For this purpose, sodium perchlorate  is prepared first by electrolysis. Then, by double displacement with potassium chloride , potassium perchlorate is prepared from this solution. The product is recrystallised, dried and powdered.

Hazard Symbols: O, Xn