Formula: CH3OHEdit

Synonyms: wood alcohol, methyl alcohol, hydroxymethane, carbinol

Description: Methanol is used as a solvent, much in the same way ethanol  is used. Red gum  and shellac , two common binders both dissolve in methanol. Methanol/water mixtures are also often used since the methanol increases the 'wetness' of the water (it reduces the surface tension of the water) and reduces the solubility of common oxidisers.

Hazards: Methanol is flammable, volatile and toxic. Methanol vapour is heavier than air and spreads over the ground. Provide adequate ventilation when working with methanol

Sources: Methanol is often more cheaply and easily availble than ethanol because it is toxic and no extra taxes are charged for it. It finds use in a certain type of camping stove and can often be bought in camping supply stores.