Isopropyl alcoholEdit


Formula: CH3CHOHCH3Edit

Synonyms: 2-propanol, isopropanol

Description: Isopropyl alcohol is a common name for propan-2-ol, a colourless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor. Isopropanol is the main ingredient in rubbing alcohol and is used as a disinfectant, and is a common solvent. In pyrotechnics it is commonly mixed with water. The isopropanol alcohol reduces the surface tension in a mixture and makes the water actually "wetter". This increases the absorption rate much faster than it would with just plain water.

Hazards: Isopropyl alcohol is flammable. It should be kept away from heat and open flame. Isopropyl alcohol is oxidized by the liver into acetone . Symptoms of isopropyl alcohol poisoning include flushing, headache, dizziness, CNS depression, nausea, vomiting, anaesthesia, and coma. Use in well-ventilated areas and use protective gloves while using. Poisoning can occur from ingestion, inhalation, or absorption.

Sources: It can be easily bought from supermarkets, pharmacies, and chemists in the form of isopropanol rubbing alcohol.