ron oxide (red)Edit

150px-Iron oxide (red)

Formula: Fe2O3Edit

Description: Red iron oxide is used as a catalyst in composite and whistling rocket propellant  and Candy rocket propellant formulations. It is also added to some glitter formulations and used for thermite , a mixture that produces enormous amounts of heat, forming molten iron. Due to it's catalytic properties it is also added to primes, and even coloured star compositions to increase their ignitability and burn rate.

Hazards: Red iron oxide is not particularly toxic or dangerous. It does however stain surfaces and textiles.

Sources: Common rust is not iron oxide. It is a mixture of oxides and hydroxides. A cheap source for red iron oxide is the ceramics supply shop. It is also bought as cement color in hardware stores for about $5.00 a pound.

Where to buy: You can buy High Quality Red Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) from