Formula: C2Cl6

Description: It is a colourless material that slowly sublimes at room temperature producing a special odour. Carbon hexachloride would be a strong chlorine donor (about 90% chlorine) but due to its volatility it is not often used to enhance the flame of colored stars or flares. Together with zinc powder, Al or Mg it finds some use in white smokes though which are sealed in a tin case where volatility is no problem. The material on the market is larger grains from 3-5mm and these should be crushed to pass 20 mesh before use in smoke compositions. Both material and compositions containing HCE must be kept sealed after mixing.

Hazard symbols: Xn, N

Note that HCE is listed as a contact poison, which can enter the body through inhalation, food or skin contact! Take the necessary precautions (breathing mask, gloves). The volatile gases can lead to absence!