An interesting formula found in an old book.

Bright "Z" compositionEdit

It is a nitrate based composition wich employs bronce Al and atomized Al in order to get nice sparks and a bright white light.

This composition can be pumped, cutted or rolled and primed with pulverone.

Bright "Z" white composition Percentages %
Potassium nitrate (fine powder) 47 %
Brigth aluminum (flake) 14 %
Aluminum (atomized spherical -325 mesh)


Sulphur 9%
Dextrin 6%
Boric acid +1%

Mixing and cuttingEdit

Screen all the chemicals by separate and mix them by hand in a bucket, use latex gloves. after that screen the mix 1 or 2 times but if the chemicals are really fine this would not be necessary.

After the mix is ready a 1% solution of boric acid is added to get the right consistency. Try to use as little of water as posible until you get a dough consistency.

This takes about 2-3 days to fully dry, you can prime it with plain Black powder and its ready to be used as filler in shells, candles and whatever you want.

Brigth z

This is a batch of stars being primed and cutted, some of them get crushed but those will be a great filler in any gerb.