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Description: Acetone is a very volatile flammable liquid that is commonly used as a solvent. Nitrocellulose, parlon and red gum dissolve very well in acetone. The solution of nitrocellulose is called nitrocellulose lacquer. Working with acetone can be difficult as compositions dry out very quickly. The evaporation of the acetone also causes cooling of composition, sometimes even below 0° C. This can result in condensation of water.

Hazards: Acetone is very volatile and flammable. Acetone vapour is heavier than air and spreads over the ground. Only work with acetone outside or in a well ventilated area.

Sources: Acetone can usually be bought at any paint store. Making acetone at home is very impractical and unnecessary as it can be bought just about anywhere at low cost.

Hazard Symbols: FXi


Acetone (Dimethylketone, 2-propanone) CAS:67-64-1, 44th highest volume chemical produced in the U.S. (1991)

Acetone can be derived from Oxidation of cumene; dehydrogenation or oxidation of isopropyl alcohol with metallic catalyst; vapor phase oxidation of butane; or by-product of synthetic glycerol production